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Urban Poverty Published At : 20-10-2016 Hossain Zillur Rahman


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About PPRC

Power and Participation Research Centre (PPRC) established in 1996 Is an independent non profit centre for research and social action based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. PPRC is focused on issues of public policy, knowledge management and citizen empowerment. The Centre works through nurturing strong networks within grass-root and policy circles and promotes a research culture that values excellence and relevance.

Since its inception, PPRC has been at the forefront of research and policy advocacy on poverty, social protection, land, inclusive growth, governance, local governance, poetical development, quality, basic education and sustainable urbanization. Its core themes reflect current and emerging priorities of Bangladesh. The Centre maintains a strong interest in regional and international discourses on democracy and development.

Activities of the Centre encompass policy research, project evaluations, quality statistics, discourse promotion, polity advocacy, grass-root and policy networking, and rapid response initiatives on issues of national urgency. PPRC implements its activities through a core staff inclusive of an in-house field research capacity and a network of resource persons under the leadership of its Founder - Chairman Hossain Zillur Rahman.

Mission & Vision

Advancing the causes of empowerment and responsible citizenry, elimination of poverty, promotion of innovations and quality presence in global discourses.